Behold Your Mother Inspirations Annette Hills Sings

Annette Hills, professional speaker, winner of the 2012 Album of the Year Award and Female Vocalist of the Year Nominee, has three CDs to bless your soul—each album is unique and guaranteed to be an inspiration!

Take a fun tour of her website by clicking on all the music notes including the Photo Gallery. You’ll be singing God’s praises as you learn more about Annette’s Music Ministry; and you will find yourself humming right into the Shopping Notes. Enjoy this joyful musical experience presented by ANAWIM MELODY!

Behold Your Mother is an artistic masterpiece woven together with original, cultural, popular, classical and traditional songs that blend into a theme of beautiful Marian music! A truly remarkable work of art!

Inspirations is the winner of the Catholic Music Express Album of the Year Award!! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase this inspiring album and add it to your collection. On this album, you will find Annette’s rendition of “The Prayer” which was nominated for Best Song of the Year!

Annette Hills Sings – will captivate your heart with creative arrangements to complement her wide vocal range and deliver a spirit-filled experience.

Special Collections – is special indeed because it is an all digital eclectic collection available for worldwide distribution combining Annette’s original and traditional music on one album showcasing her sweet soprano and deep warm alto solos. Purchase single songs or the whole digital album, but purchase you must to find out why people say, “She has a voice like an angel!”


Anawim (pronounced ah-nah-weem) is a Hebrew word which means “the humble ones of God” or “poor in spirit”----poor because the anawim are dependent upon God for everything. They offer their littleness and childlike ways to God trusting that He will take care of their every need; and their prayerful voices rise to the heights of heaven as a melodious fragrance---as an


"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."
(Matthew 5:3)


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